Origin of the Foundation

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Originally, the CMR Ex-Cadet Club and the Foundation were a single entity. Founded in 1961 by 3803 P.J.M. Morin, the CMR Ex-Cadet Club helped to link the past with the present and put its resources at the service of its members, officer cadets and the College.

For many years, the Club's aim was to bring its members together, to encourage and maintain the esprit de corps and to improve the well-being of its members, the officer cadets and the CMR. In practice, the Club helped to defray some of the expenses of the activities of the Cadet Wing. The Club's largest contribution to the College site was the unveiling of the Ex-Cadet Monument on October 8, 1977, on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of CMR Saint-Jean. In addition, the Club has awarded various trophies and medals over the years: The Ex-Cadet Club Silver Medal, the Ex-Cadet Club Honorary Plaque, the P.J.M. Morin Trophy, etc.

History of the Foundation

The CMR Ex-Cadet Foundation was established in 1985. At that time, the Club, the Foundation and its ex-cadets were responsible for the enhancement of the CMR site heritage. Moreover, a Heritage Committee has long existed at CMR Saint-Jean and was chaired by the Director of Cadets with the active participation of the Deputy Cadet Wing Commander (DCWC). The heritage of CMR Saint-Jean was largely developed by numerous ex-cadets classes. As examples :

  1. The 1964 class

    donated the museum square.

  2. The 1968 class

    provided the sundial installed on the College Promenade.

  3. The 1968 class

    contributed to the display honouring Dr. Jacques Castonguay.

  4. The 1969 class

    paid for the plastering of the Ex-Cadets’ Monument during its cleaning.

  5. The 1970 class

    donated the bell for the Cadet Mess.

  6. The 1979 class

    donated the gong used in the Cadet Mess

  7. The 1983 class

    donated a large wooden sculpture of the Ex-Cadets Monument

  8. The 1984 class

    donated an oak grandfather clock

  9. The 1987 class

    donated the granite bench on the banks of the Richelieu River in front of the parade square.

  10. The class of 1988

    gave a stained-glass window to the library.

Photo de groupe

Until the closing of the College in 1995

The Foundation played a leading role in financing activities, events and recognition of the excellence of the work of the officer cadets. In 2011, recognizing the positive contribution of the CMC Foundation to the excellence of officer cadets at both military colleges, the CMR Ex-Cadet Foundation has made the decision to move forward with a mission focused primarily on supporting the Fort Saint-Jean Museum and its related activities and those related to the military and historical heritage of Fort Saint-Jean. Following the closure of CMR Saint-Jean in 1995, the Foundation funded a portion of the College's preservation activities and volunteered to look after the historical assets of CMR and Fort Saint-Jean.

The reopening of the Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean in 2008 marks a new beginning for this educational institution that remains a true national icon.