Foundation President’s Word

François Bureau

François Bureau (11620)

Dear friends and ex-cadets,

The mission of the Fondation des Ancien(ne)s du CMR Ex-Cadet Foundation is primarily to support the conservation of the heritage of the CMRSJ site and the teaching and public dissemination of such historical information, including its support to the Fort Saint-Jean Museum. The Foundation's mission is also to provide financial support to improve the quality of life of officer cadets and contributes to several worthwhile projects for the College’s merit.

The next few years look like most flourishing for the College and the future officers who will attend it. Thus, we invite you to rediscover your Alma Mater, to reconnect enthusiastically with your colleagues and to participate financially in the realization of our mission.

As ex-cadets, we must demonstrate our belonging to this historical heritage and this in a concrete way in recognition of the military, academic and sports training that was once the cornerstone of our personal and professional development.

I wish you pleasure in reconnecting, giving back to your Alma Mater and helping us to promote the advancement of future generations.

Truth, Duty, Valour