Saint-Maurice Project

Saint-Maurice Project
From left to right; 28427 OCdt Daniel Curry, 27976 OCdt Aurélie Godard-Paquette, 20380 Col Nicolas Pilon, Commandant of RMC Saint-Jean, 28466 OCdt Ophelia Bonanni-Surprenant, CWO Richard Plante, H17090 Mrs Hélène Ladouceur, Executive Director of la Fondation des ancien(ne)s du CMR Ex-Cadet Foundation, 28055 OCdt Alexis Bédard, Mr. Steve Hétu, President and DG of the Corporation du Fort St-Jean and 28820 OCdt Benjamin Roth, at the launch of Phase 1 on May 3, 2021.

Located in the former Saint-Maurice chapel, the premises used as the officer-cadets' mess must be refurbished to better address their needs and allow them to meet in a pleasant location to exchange ideas, create relationships and strengthen camaraderie.

In the military tradition, the mess embodies the esprit de corps of a unit. It is an important social gathering place that allows its members to develop a sense of living together, as a family. The mess also plays an essential role in promoting the customs and traditions of the Canadian Armed Forces.

As part of the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Program, the mess provides a venue for official meetings and ceremonies, a centre for recreational activities, and a place to display military heritage artifacts.

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As this setting is essential to the student experience, we have launched the Saint-Maurice project to expand and renovate this space for the benefit of officer-cadets.

  • The common space will be expanded to provide more seating.
  • A terrace will embellish the exterior, while allowing for BBQing.
  • The large room will provide opportunity for students to hold social events.
  • The display of military heritage artifacts will allow students to recall the invaluable history of the site.

As such, we wish to offer officer-cadets a place of entertainment and rest, where they can develop their moral sense and live the community and organizational values of Canada’s military colleges and the Canadian Forces.


To make this renovation project a success in improving Officer-cadets’ quality of life, the CMR Ex-Cadet Foundation is contributing at 40% of all costs, or 1.5 million dollars.

With modest means and an all-volunteer team, we have been fundraising for the past two years to collect what is missing to complete the project.

Help us make a difference for our officer-cadets, our leaders of tomorrow.


Allow Young Officer-Cadets to Have an Unforgettable Experience!

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If the Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean has contributed to the role you are now playing in society and to making you who you are today, show your appreciation by helping to build an unforgettable experience for our young officer-cadets, present and future.